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Coconut tree for a sign of a child’s maturity


In Java at the time of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta, when a newborn child was given a sign by planting coconut trees.
This tradition has meaning when the child has grown up he will be able to be independent and give forgiveness to others.
The parents of the child given the sign by planting the coconut tree will give an explanation to the child as in the conversation between the child and father like this:

F: Hi boy, try to see this coconut tree the same age as you.
C: Really?
F: Now you are growing up, and you are time like that coconut tree.
C: what do you mean?
F: Look at kid, coconut trees that are the same age as you have started to bear fruit and can already produce. Everything in the coconut tree will now be very useful. You plant coconut trees when it’s time you can be a person who is useful to the nation, country and religion. This is the time for you to start independently.

Now this tradition is disappearing, the values ​​and nobleness of this teaching are being abandoned for whatever reason.
If in this modern era it would be very difficult to find information and resources to further explore this tradition.
This article was written from a speaker named Mr Widji, who is more than 75 years old in Turi district, Sleman, Yogyakarta.


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